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27 December 2005 @ 11:21 am

deal with it.
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23 November 2002 @ 09:29 pm
welp.....tomorrow means thanksgiving at grandma's....oO; fuuuun.....*rolls eyes* nothing like being the middle grandchild and really not having any cousins your age....><; curses. but it is good to catch up because I don't see them all that much since we live about an hour away from all of them....of course THEY never come visit, but that's another rant in itself.

I did manage to oekaki a cyute sleepy bunni girl...^^ it took me forever, but it turned out pretty good. One of my better ones in awhile. And it WASN'T LEWIS!!! ja!

la la la....wow...I think i'm going to go to bed soon....have to get up by 8 tomorrow morning...*sigh*

today me and kati were SUPPOSED to go shopping, but that totally fell through....*enter explatives here* so I just went shopping w/ my mom and copied cds for my grandma and went to church.
and ate ice cream. cookies and cream to be exact. that was very good...^_^
- n e e d s t o c l e a n h e r r o o m ...... b a d l y -

strange, today I got an urge to play Pok�mon on my old school Game Boy....so I did....in fact....i might play a little more now....^^;

- befu (art deco-ness, not included!)
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